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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  May 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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nbc's jay gray reports. as more water and worry continues to rush to the south the fight against the floods has intensified. inmates were called in to stevensville to help build a sandbag wall there while families packed whatever they can and move to higher ground with the understanding what time they fought through floods before most have never seen anything ike this. >> worse than the '73 flood, which was cat traffic. this is going to be worse. >> reporter: in nasp easy, it is closed for 15 miles because the water is too high. the decision to open spillways flooded hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland. >> i feel for the farmers. >> reporter: bobby jindal got a look at some of the water and said it could wash away $300 million in crops. families in the path of the
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floodwaters could pay a much higher price. jay gray, melville, louisiana. >> there are several reports that a tornado touched down in hagerstown, maryland last night. several residents and staff at the regional apart tell whag they spotted what looked like a tornado around 8:15. damage was reported in several communities in the area and the possible tornado has still not be confirmed as such. let's get tom kierein's expert eye. it looked a loft. i mate not have touched down. there could be some circulation near the grouped. the trees blocking the distance where the actual funnel cloud bottom is. but it is very close to the ground, that's for sure. we had a tornado warning in shenandoah valley last evening. no reports of damage there.
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but we've had reports of high water and flooding overnight from showers and heavy downpours that continued to track southeast to northwest. right now getting heavy downpours, fairfax and loudon county. heavy downpours in prince george's county. a all these counties in green under a flash flood watch meaning flooding is possible for the rest of the day today and tonight from some passing heavy downpours and thunder and lightning by this afternoon. right now we have temperatures in the low 60s. it's 63 in washington and the nearby suburbs. in the low six. washington monument. a few sprinkles now. we may have sun breaking out from time to time. sunrise a little before 6:00. sunset, 8:15. we will have, though, passing showers this morning. brief, heavy downpours. a greater chance of heavier downpours with thunder and
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lightning as we reach the mid-70s. gullywashers this afternoon. we'll look at your night planner in 10 minutes. could be another tough morning, talking about the rain and ponding of water. as we always say around construction zones we have reports of high water on the beltway. both directions near braddock road. if you normally travel the west side, i-66 and springfield, be aware of that particularly in areas that don't drain well. heavy rain coming down in a couple spots. no accidents so far. good news there. wilson bridge okay. towns southeast to northeast, uneventful start. >> one of the area's most dangerous stretches of road is about to get a multimillion dollar renovation, a renovation prince william county officials hopes keeps people alive. they're going to flatten out a
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portion of haymarket. seven young people died on that stretch. the parents of the teens killed there wholeheartedly support the improvements. >> elation. pure elation. >> reporter: yolanda talks about her reaction to the news of what she calls a terrible road is going to be made safer. it was just last summer that her son derrick was killed in a crash on a blind hill on log mill road, along with 18-year-old steven dixon, who was driving the call. it was derrick's 16th birthday. >> a piece of my heart goes out to the people who just lost their children again. you know, how many pieces do i have left? >> reporter: since 2000, seven young people have died along this section of log mill road in haymarket. last month, two students from battle field high school. the board of supervisors voted to accept a $2.7 million federal
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transportation grant to flatten it for 1,200 feet on either side of the intersection with parnell court. >> unfortunately many of these accidents relate to driver behavior more than road improvements but i think this will make the road safer. >> michelle owes the last 12 years of her life from a river transplant who died in a crash on this road in 2000. >> i was devastated when i heard about this accident. when i heard the road was going to be widened i was thrilled. >> reporter: reporting from haymarket, virginia, jackie benson, news 4. today family and friends will remember the life of haley maguire. visitation is scheduled for 10:00 this morning with a funeral to follow at 11:00 at st. francis of assisi church.
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the driver, kevin coffey was released from jail on bail yesterday. he ran from the scene of the crash and was arrested several hours later outside his home. police in fairfax county are hoping a picture helps them solve the murder of a handyman killed during a home invasion one year ago. investigators released a photo of a white pickup truck they believe the intruders used to drive away from the mansion on compton road. that's where jose caria was shot and killed. >> my advice to them would be to contact us before we contact you. they know who they are. they know that we know who they are. what&what we are looking for from the public here is to give us some information. >> police say the family who lives in that home was targeted but nothing was actually stolen
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during the break-in. there is $5,000 award. johnson pleaded guilty to one count of extortion for using his office to solicit $400,000 in bribes and gifts and pleaded guilty to witness and evidence tampering for telling leslie johnson to destroy and hide money. >> considering our financial information, the stress on the family and our children, we just thought that it would be better and we have pled guilty. we have accepted responsibility. >> johnson will be sentenced on september 15th, according to prosecutors. federal guidelines call for him to serve 11 to 13 years in prison. today a special meeting will be held to discuss the skyrocketing cost of the dulles
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metrorail project. many local officials are upset because the price tag soared from $2.5 million to $3.8 billion dollars. originally an above-ground station was to be built but now it will be an underground station. we will get an update this morning. it is now 4:38. 63 degrees out there. today, panda watch. why anticipation is growing at the zoo. >> also, who is now calling for an investigation into arnold an investigation into arnold schwarze
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welcome back. hundreds turned out to raise money for breast cancer awareness. health and human services secretary kathleen sabeel ya and debbie waser man shultz. the money will go to breast cancer awareness education and research. >> pink martinis. >> i only took a couple sips because i had to be here early. it was a fun event. nice to get everyone together for such a good cause.
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>> thanks for you doing that. let's go to tom kierein in storm center 4 and look at a messy day today. tom? >> watch out for high water. radar showing bands of heavy rain that moved into fairfax county, loudon county. we have high water. some of the creeks and streams flowing out of their banks in a few locations in fairfax and loudon county and the panhandle of west virginia. around the region we are under a flood watch. now 63 at reagan national. and there is the washington monument under a partly cloudy sky now. we actually may see a little sun in and out midday. maybe a passing shower later this morning. again, some of the heavier rains causing flooding and maybe thunder and lightning from noon until midnight tonight. the night learn showing that possibility all the way until then. a look at thursday, friday, and
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the weekend at 4:51. how is traffic, jerry? could be a big challenge out there this morning. be careful. good morning, everyone. no big accidents on the scene so far this morning. a little bit of weather conditions not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination. woodrow wilson bridge, both directions doing okay. be aware this could be quite slick approaching the inbound 14th street bridge, where it doesn't drain very well. no hangups to report. light volume. g.w. parkway looking good. both directions around national airport. >> thank you, jerry. 4:43. still to come, a retired firefighter behind bars. some are outraged over how some are outraged over how the chie[ horns honking ]eing
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we are following the fallout from arnold schwarzenegger's confession to fathering a baby with a household staff member. they will see if he used state or campaign money to pay the woman. patrick changed his name to shriver. he said some days you want to quit and be normal for a bit. i love my family till death do us part. they announced they were separated after 25 years of marriage. if you're tired of to buck chuck you could get your hands on some of the best wine. bernie madoff's wine and spirits collection will be auctioned online. all the proceeds will go to the victims of the ponzi scheme. in the day ahead, the jury
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is expected to be seated in the casey anthony trial. the 25-year-old mother is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee three years ago. jury selection is being held in the tampa bay area because of intense pretrial publicity in orlando. well, retired firefighter is behind bars accused of shooting a teenager skateboarding in his neighborhood. he allegedly told police he was fed up with the way the teen and his friends were behaving. news 4's craig melvin has more on this bizarre shooting from calvert county, maryland. >> reporter: some of his neighbors who live in this condo complex complained about an unwelcomed group for a while. >> there have been problems with skateboarders before this stpwhrr several trespassing teenagers were riding their boards. a retired baltimore county
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firefighter may have had enough. >> there was app exchange of words. we believe there was back and forth. >> reporter: after the skateboarders hurled profanities. >> he did use pepper spray on one of the juveniles that were on the property. >> reporter: police say he did not stop there. he arrived here at the condominiums to investigate a report of trespassers. moments after he arrived he heard a single gunshot and then charles walked up holding a shotgun. according to calvert county police, he admitted using his 12-gauge to fire what would be warning shots. one hit a 15-year-old above his knee. he was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. >> was he protecting his property? >> i don't believe he was protecting his property. >> reporter: colton heard about what was happening and said he wasn't totally surprised. >> they all want to skateboard around the town. >> did you ever trespass? >> yeah. when they tell me to leave i
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leave. i don't push it. >> for the group of teenagers that did, the punishment did not fit the crime. >> one of the things we want to get across is we certainly don't recommend anyone take the law into their own hands. >> he is charged with two counts of assault. bond set at $50,000. at last check he was still in jail. calvert county, craig melvin, news 4. well, the wizards sent last year answer number one pick to last night's draft lottery in hopes of grabbing the top pick again, but it wasn't meant to be. >> pick number 6 belongs to the washington wizards. >> the wizards ended up with number 6 pick in the summer's draft, as you can see there. john wall's face is a bit of a letdown for him and the rest of the fans considering the team the team had the fourth best odds of grabbing number one pick. instead, cleveland ended up with top pick.
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tkpwrupb tpeld said he's glad the cavaliers will get a chance to rebuild. >> i was happy for cleveland, dan's son and the way he handled himself and the situation they have to go through this year. so it's a nice thing for them. i still wish we could have gotten it. >> yep. grunfeld said the drop to number 6 doesn't hurt them and they will look at who is a good fit for washington. veterinarians at the zoo have detected high levels of hormones which means she could be pregnant. she would give birth in early july. they are performing ultrasounds twice weekly. the rise in hormone levels could also be a false pregnancy, which is common in giant pandas. seemingly, very common. she gave birth back in 2005. he is currently living in china right now. >> can you imagine if humans had
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as many false pregnancies as pandas did? we would all be on edge. it's a rainy morning. >> keep it handy the rest of the day. we are having the threat of high water in fairfax and loudon counties. watch out for that. parts of the arapahanac. right now as we look at the radar, passing heavy downpours. most of them in prince george's county and loudon county over the last hour. those showers are now beginning to break up a bit. look at the patches of yellow and orange. those are the areas where they're getting heavy downpours. right now from great falls, virginia, across loudon county line, a heavy downpour. that's tracking north and west. another one around leesburg. this is part of the potomac here that is flooding up from near the washington county border with west virginia. and right here in washington one
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brief heavy downpour. that's tracking off to the north and to the northwest. that's going to be moving into montgomery county shortly. as the day progresses, we will have the possibility of flooding. and all these counties in green from eastern shore to mountains, northern virginia, maryland, the district, flood watch in effect. especially when we get a chance for heavy downpours. low 60s around washington, eastern shore and around the bay. farther west temperatures are in the upper 40s and low 50s. look at this great circulation in the atmosphere. that's what's causing all this rain activity. right now a few breaks over the washington monument. and temperatures by 9:00 will be in the mid-60s. sun in and out. passing shower possible too. heavy downpours with thunder and lightning likely. we reach mid-70s. overnight don't too.
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things should settle down tomorrow morning. partly sunny thursday and friday. a smaller chance of afternoon thunderstorms both days then. over the weekend, things settle down. saturday and sunday, highs near 80. first part of next week could get afternoon storms, not heavy downpours like today. >> tom, over to northern virginia. high water. this is not too far from 236. clearly you can see high water across the travel lanes. tracee wilkins is on the scene. a live report in a couple minutes. but that is a very good example what we could be up against. the trip into town by way of pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue, construction zone anywhere where the water doesn't drain we will get ponding. we will head over and take a little peek. so far so good both directions toward the bay bridge. right there. no hangups to report either way. one more stop along i-95.
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nothing but volume as you begin the commute on up. joe? bad news if you're banking on cheaper parking meters in the district any time soon. mayor vincent gray said the district can't afford to reduce meter reports. finance chairman jack evans wants to roll back the rates to where they were in 2009. he also wants to bring back free parking at night and on saturdays. the mayor says he supports the idea but claims it would cost $5 million in revenue. that is a lot. but people who drive-through d.c. would be very happy to see the reduced rates for parking. >> the parking, right. it is a premium. it's now 4:54. 63 degrees. coming up this morning. after the break, why men in particular may have to have an extra cup of coffee this morning. next, why a protester dumped next, why a protester dumped [ horns honking ]
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republican presidential candidate newt gingrich got quite a surprise at one of his book signings. a man in minneapolis approached the table, shook his hand and opened a box of glitter confetti and dumped it all over him. he was yelling about his anti-gay politics security quickly escorted him away. gingrich brushed himself off and said, quote, it's nice to live
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in a free country. in the day ahead, congresswoman gabrielle giffords will undergo skull surgery. doctors will implant plastic to replace skull. doctors removed a piece of skull to make room for brain swelling. the arizona lawmaker was not a political event in tucson. meanwhile, her husband commander mark kelly is expected to dock at the international space station. just a few minutes ago nasa officials gave the commander a go on its final path to docking. it should reach the space station after 6:00 this morning. this is the final mission before it is retired. you may want to double up on your morning joe from now on. researchers say drinking coffee could help fight off prostate cancer. a harvard study found men who drank at least six cups a day were 60% less likely to develop deadly prostate cancer. they were 20% less likely to
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develop any type of cancer. now, if you're afraid the six cups of coffee might just make you a little jittery, the effect was found in men who drank regular or decaf coffee. man, it also prevents too much sleep. >> six cups. so it's not the caffeine if it doesn't matter if it's decaf or regular. it's in the beans. more coffee drinking for you. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a a.m. suicide watch. this morning one of the most powerful men in the world is under close supervision inside an infamous new york city jail. good morning. i'll joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to news 4 for this wednesday, may 18, 2011. >> we begin this morning with flooding fears. tracee wilkins is live


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